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Ultra Grade 19 Vacuum Pump Oil for Mechanical Pumps


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Ultra grade 19 vacuum pump oil in different packages. General use for laboratory mechanical pumps, for rapid pumping with low ultimate pressure. Good for all vacuum pumps supplied by Across International.

Compatible with the following vacuum pumps we carry

Image Model Oil capacity
Ai EasyVac 1.8 cfm sinlge-stage pump
250 ml / 0.26 quart
Ai EasyVac 7 cfm single-stage pump
415 ml / 0.44 quart
Ai EasyVac 9 cfm dual-stage pump
560 ml / 0.6 quart
Ai SuperVac 5.6 cfm dual-stage pump
1 L / 1.06 quart
Ai SuperVac 11.3 cfm dual-stage pump
1.5 L / 1.59 quart
Ai SuperVac 21.2 cfm dual-stage pump
2 L / 2.1 quart
Edwards RV8 6.9 cfm dual-stage pump
750 ml / 0.8 quart
Edwards E2M28 21 cfm dual-stage pump
1.5 L / 1.6 quart

A 110V TW1A single step rotary vacuum pump and vacuum fittings are included for immediate use

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