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Julabo PRESTO W50 -50C 250C 7.5L Dynamic Temperature Control


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Reactor temperature control, tests for all kinds of substances or temperature simulation the new PRESTO are made for highly precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes. PRESTO provide large heating and cooling capacities covering a working temperature range from -92 C to +250 C. Highly efficient components allow extremely fast compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Lab users benefit from high flow rates, constant pressure, and a controlled build-up of pump pressure. Changes in the temperature-control liquids viscosity are balanced dynamically. Permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps contribute to the new PRESTOs long service life. A special feature of the new PRESTO is the integrated 5.7 industrial touch screen. All important information is displayed clearly and concisely enhancing ease of use considerably.
The new PRESTO can be operated intuitively with the tip of your finger.

As the new PRESTO operate whisper quiet, you will hardly hear them in your laboratory. Even high room temperatures of up to +40 C will not make the new PRESTO sweat. Maintenance-free pumps and drives guarantee operational readiness. Multiple interfaces permit remote control of the PRESTO across networks and in superordinated control systems. The Design does away with venting slots at the sides. The required installation space is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Your advantages

  • For highly precise, external temperature applications
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Fast compensation of exothermic reaction
  • Wide working temperature ranges without changing fluids
  • Highest performance with small footprint
  • Space-saving design optimizes space utilization in your lab
  • NEW 5,7 industrial color TFT touch screen
  • well-organized view of important information with unmatched, intuitive user friendliness
  • Up to 3 user level with password management
  • USB (Host und Device)
  • Ethernet
  • SD-Card slot
  • RS232
  • Modbus
  • RS485 (Accessory)
  • Profibus DP (Accessory)
  • Stand-by input
  • Filling system accessible from the top

Julabo W50 Ai glass reactor package with adapters, tubing and fluid

  • P/N 8890121 x 1. Pair, 90 elbow, M30x1.5 m/f (2 Adapters)
  • P/N 8930272 x 2. 1.5m triple insulated tubing, M30x1.5 f
  • P/N 8890111 x 2. M30x1.5 m/m adapter
  • P/N 8890083 x 1. Pair, M30x1.5 f to NPT 3/4″ male adapter
  • P/N 8891414 x 3. 10 L Thermal P90, -90+170 C in PRESTO

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