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50 x 50 mm Square Easy-Retrieve Dry Pressing Die Set


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A set of 50 x 50 mm hardened steel trapezoidal split sleeve dry pressing die set for pellet presses, ready for you to make 50 x 50 mm square pellets.

These die sets are professionally built for you to work with samples that tend to stick to the inner surface of the sleeve, trapezoidal split inner sleeves with pellet ejector make sample releasing a snap.

Die set includes
  • One 50 x 50 mm core die
  • One steel sleeve with trapezoidal inner wall
  • Four trapezoidal inner sleeves
  • One support plate
  • One push rod with detachable handle
  • One pellet ejector
  • One inner sleeve assembly ring (black)
  • Always wear protection goggles during operation.
  • Clean the die set throughout with absolute ethyl alcohol and keep them in a dry box with silica gel after use to avoid rusting on the surface.

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