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1050°C 4x4x4″ Compact Muffle Furnace w/ 30-Seg PID Controller


CF1100 4x4x4″ compact muffle furnaces with 30 segments programmable up to 1050°C. Great for small sample heating in research or dental labs. They can also be easily placed inside a glove box if desired. All our furnaces are CE compliant.

Please note: Wire heating element DOES NOT have warranties. We test all our furnaces before shipment. If you believe there are imperfections, please contact us.



 Electrical requirements  AC 110V 60hz 700 watts
 Chamber dimensions (DxWxH)  4 x 4 x 4
 Chamber usable space (DxWxH)  3.75 x 4 x 3.25″ (with cushion block)
 Min. working temperature  Ambient
 Max. working temperature  1050°C
 Max. constant working temperature  950°C
 Refractory lining  Mitsubishi (Japan) 1500 grade fiber alumina
 Heating element  Resistance coil wire
 Thermocouple type  K
 Temperature controller  UDIAN 30-segment, single PID
 Max heating rate  30°C / min
 Temperature accuracy  +/- 1°C (+/- 1.8°F)
 Unit dimensions (DxWxH)  10 x 8 x 15″
 Shipping dimensions (DxWxH)  15 x 14 x 21″
 Unit weight  25 Lb
 Shipping weight  40 Lb
 Compliance  ETL tested to UL and CSA standards (optional), CE
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Standard package

Part description    


Part image
 CF1100 muffle furnace  1 pc
 Type K thermocouple  1 pc
 Thermal gloves  1 pair
 Thermal cushion block (3.5×3.5×0.75″) 1 pc
 Crucible tongs 1 pc
 User’s manual  1 pc