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Tube Furnaces

Laboratories can use tube furnaces for various laboratory applications. They offer the most effective method of heating samples while enabling rapid changes in temperature as well as temperature uniformity. They are vital components of laboratories that need heat treatment for the materials and samples.

Generally, the tube furnaces heat tubes 25mm to 100mm in diameter and 50cm to 100cm in length. The lab operator places samples within the metal or ceramic boats with the help of a long pushrod. Then, the operator surrounds the tube with heating elements. The double-walled internal steel housing minimizes the loss of heat through the exterior. A multi-segment digital controller controls the operations of the tube furnace.

Our company offers a wide range of gradient, horizontal, diffusion, and vertical tube furnaces to meet the specific laboratory requirements for different materials heating in vacuum, inert atmosphere, air, uniform, and controlled temperatures. Labs can use these compact, lightweight, and portable furnaces for a broad array of testing, research, and production applications. We have tube furnaces that allow multiple atmosphere processes to take place within a single cycle.

The primary reason behind the use of tube furnaces in laboratory settings is the matchless thermal uniformity they offer. These tubes deliver consistent heating to the components within a single chamber zone across their entire 360-degree axis. This ensures optimal heat distribution across the complete part cross-section, thus making tube furnaces perfect for sophisticated applications that need thermal processing.

Each furnace comes with overheating and power failure protection that prevents damage. Moreover, the limit switch shuts down the furnace when someone opens its top.

Explore our range of tube furnaces to get quality, reliable and efficient products!

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