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Muffle Furnaces

The primary use of muffle furnaces is in applications that need high-temperature testing like ashing or loss-on-ignition. By using muffle furnaces, the laboratories can rapidly achieve high-temperature cooling and recovery in energy-efficient and self-contained cabinets. We provide muffle furnaces in a wide range of temperature control models and sizes having different maximum temperature settings.

Muffle furnaces offer a combination of innovative design and advanced technology to accomplish greater controls over uniformity of temperature and separate heated materials from contaminants of combustion. This function makes these furnaces ideal for material research, ashing samples, and heating treatment applications. All furnaces that we provide are CE compliant.
A muffle furnace is innovative laboratory equipment that separates the heated object from all combustion byproducts from the heating source. In the latest muffle furnaces, convection or radiation energy uses a high-temperature coil for heating the chamber within the insulating material. This material serves as a muffle to effectively prevent heat escape from the furnace.

The muffle furnaces are a critical component of laboratories that require high-temperature heating exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius, lowering the cross-contamination risk. Our muffle furnaces come with overheat and power failure protection to ensure protection from probable damage. When the temperature crosses the acceptable range or the thermocouple is not functioning properly or broken, the furnace automatically shuts down. The operations of the furnace resume when power is restored. Moreover, if someone opens the furnace, the limit switch turns it off right away.

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