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Controlled Atmosphere

High-Quality Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces

Controlled atmosphere furnaces help to prevent oxidation, hydrogen embrittlement, soot formation, decarburization, and surface blueing. Our high-quality controlled atmosphere furnaces range includes a double-wall steel heating chamber with fiber insulation to minimize heat loss and give outstanding performance. The introduction of gases during heat treatment inside the furnace provides controlled oxidation with a protective environment that helps control material or substance surface modifications.

Why Choose Our Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces?

Controlled atmosphere furnaces are exclusively designed to achieve controlled temperature precision for the most challenging applications involving research, development, and experimentation in various laboratories. Atmosphere control is a critical element in these processes. It protects the heat-treated component from exposure to outside air or acts as an essential elements carrier in the process. Tight sealing of the controlled atmosphere furnaces ensures the creation of the insulated environment required for the procedure. Our furnaces provide a controlled atmosphere to accomplish high-precision, successful, and repetitive results.

Our furnaces come with a separate chamber that can be used for mixing gases according to the controlled atmosphere procedure requirements. The precise measurements and mixing of gases without exposure to outside air are vital for the project. Otherwise, it can impact the outcomes of the project. Moreover, variations in temperatures can cause issues in the procedures wasting time and money. With a built-in digital temperature control feature, our range of furnaces helps maintain a consistent temperature with accurate monitoring.

Choose from our range of high-quality and certified controlled atmosphere furnaces from the leading manufacturers, allowing the achievement of exceptional atmosphere purity with their innovative technology. The efficient, high-quality, and durable units deliver excellent outcomes for a range of controlled atmosphere applications.

Explore our range of high-quality, high-performing, and energy-efficient controlled atmosphere furnaces to achieve process precision and success!

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